Student Testimonials and Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching

My average instructor rating (Fall 2013-Spring 2017): 5.76 / 6

Department of Spanish and Portuguese average instructor rating (Fall 3013-Spring 2016): 5.36 / 6

A summary of the Spanish and Portuguese Department’s Faculty Course Questionnaires is available here.

You can access a summary of all of my FCQ results by visiting CU Boulder’s FCQ Results Requester and entering my name.

The following are examples of student feedback written on end-of-semester Faculty Course Questionnaires. All scores are on a scale from one to six. Originals available upon request.

SPAN 3700: Spanish Literature in Translation. “All about Spain (and Europe): Moments of Cultural Contact in the 20th Century”. Recitation Section — Fall 2016. 

Instructor Rating: 6.0              Course Rating: 5.8

“Kelly is great. Definitely the best recitation of my college career. She makes sure we participate and understand!”

“Kelly was an outstanding professor, easily relating to her students and always bringing [sic] good conversation during class.”

“Very personable and engaging. Made recitation fun. I relied sometimes on recitation to get a nuanced understanding of lecture discussion, and Kelly did a great job making the material easily  understandable and relatable.”

“This class was very helpful for me when it came to clarifying confusing aspects of the reading. The instructor created a fun and productive atmosphere, and I don’t feel I would have learned as much […] with lecture alone. I very much enjoyed the class.”

“My experience in this course was fantastic. This course has not been just a course to get credit and move on, but I feel like the lessons and things we have learned with Javier and Kelly are really applicable to us […] Very grateful for this course!”

SPAN 1020: Beginning Spanish 2. Spring 2016.

Instructor Rating: 5.9              Course Rating: 5.8

“Phenomenal teacher. You make class exciting every day and always come with a positive attitude. You definitely made my interest in pursuing Spanish increase a ton! All of the activities we do help a lot (Kahoot, Connect, and the worksheets).”

“I enjoyed aspects of Spanish culture incorporated into class as well as how comfortable I felt asking for help and discussing difficult topics. Thanks for a wonderful semester, your enthusiasm made me love Spanish and made me excited to come to class every day!”

“Kelly is a fabulous instructor who efficiently and thoughtfully teaches to all learning styles. Her genuine love for teaching is obvious and fosters enthusiasm in new students.”

“Thank you for making class fun and letting us learn in different ways. Only negative of entire class is Connect [online homework].”

“Spanish classes are very diverse, mainly due to the instructor. Kelly, you teach thoroughly and quickly, and it forces the students to pay attention. Thus, is makes for an effective class.”

SPAN 2110: Intermediate Spanish 1. Fall 2015.

Instructor Rating: 5.9              Course Rating: 5.5

“Motivates and keeps the class interested in fun and interesting ways. Energy keeps the class light and keeps students receptive to learning. Great teaching style, easy to understand, [and] explains everything really well.”

“Really interactive and upbeat teaching style which was greatly appreciated. Also group discussions/group work helped make class more entertaining and easier to learn.”

“I honestly think Kelly is a great instructor. She is very patient and helpful when needed.”

SPAN 3700: Spanish Literature in Translation. Don Quijote. Recitation Section — Fall 2015.

Instructor Rating: 6.0              Course Rating: 5.1

“One of the best TAs I have been fortunate enough to have class with. Very professional, courteous, and helpful throughout the entire semester.”

“Kelly always made recitation fun and helpful. Loved talking things through and the way she would explain them set us up for success in the course.”

“This was my favorite recitation and one of the few I felt was worth my time to attend.”

“Very nice, hardworking, interactive, well organized, [and] attentive to our questions.”

“Putting desks in a circle was helpful for discussion. The class was great! Maybe use the chalkboard a little more for spelling of names or timelines or bullet points, but recitations were led very well!”

SPAN 1010: Beginning Spanish 1. Spring 2014.

Instructor Rating: 5.8              Course Rating: 5.4

“I actually had a lot of fun for an 8am Spanish class. Kelly was entertaining, and […] she was very relatable, encouraged participation and kept the class fun. The textbook wasn’t my favorite, but I did like having homework every night to keep myself focused on the language.”

“Really good class! I think you do a great job encouraging learning rather than telling us the answers. You can tell that you love Spanish. I would 100% recommend you and take a class from you again!”

“I have had an excellent experience in this class. The teacher was more than willing to help and helped me with anything I wasn’t understanding.”

“Kelly was a great teacher! One of the best I have had at CU.”

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